Amgen Marketing Event Sr Coordinator in Algiers, Algeria

Accountabilities (for what and to whom)

  • Project and administrative tasks in Marketing Responsibilities

  • Independent timeline monitoring and support in planning and coordination of:* Compilation / preparation of target group specific marketing and congress material* Media planning (advertisement production and publishing)

  • Design and implementation of pre-marketing actions for new products

  • Mailings

  • Compilation / preparation of information material for the sales force

  • Coordination of the 'advertising material team'

  • Accountable for selection and purchase of advertising material and displays

  • Responsible for the Purchase Process: design of contracts ( speakers, sponsors) and monitoring purchase orders and payments

  • Screening of external agencies, advertising partners, suppliers as well as correspondence and coordination of deadlines

  • Organisation of National standalones, international congresses, advisory boards


  • Budget control and updating

  • Control of material in and out of stock

  • Quality control of marketing and promotional material, advertisements

  • Due dates/deadlines for printing material Outputs (what does this role need to deliver)

  • Marketing and promotional material

  • Overview of marketing projects and project follow-ups

  • Media planning and advertisements

  • Information for sales force via email or letter to sales force

  • Budget updates and processed invoices

  • Orders

  • List of articles for sales force (external warehouse C4) as well as order history

  • Contracts